4 Tips for Better Self Storage in Rancho Cordova, Ca

4 Tips for Better Self Storage in Rancho Cordova, Ca

By Guard Dog Storage 05 July, 2019


If you are storing in the Rancho Cordova area (or anywhere for that matter). Here are five tips to help you get the most out of your self storage unit.


1.) Avoid Unwanted Moisture: It is a good idea to thoroughly dry your refrigerator or freezer prior to storage with the door left slightly left open. This will insure that you do not end up with any unwanted water or moisture that can lead to mold.


2.) Consolidate Space: Some smaller appliances may be stored inside larger appliances; as well as, stacked on top of each other to save space in your storage unit. The more you consolidate your storage space, the less space you need and the more money you will save.


3.) Dont forget to remove Food Items! Might seem like an easy one, however you would be surprised as to how many people accidentally store perishable or non perishable items from their Appliances or even boxes. Remember, perishable items will cause quite a stink and non perishable items might attract unwanted rodents or insects. In short, double check to make sure food items are not stored in your appliances or anywhere in your storage unit.


4.) Clean Your Appliances: Storing your appliances in clean condition will help maintain them in a serviceable condition while they are in storage. Take a few minutes to ensure your appliances are clean and ready for storage.

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